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Debbie Gonzalez is a licensed mental health therapist in Texas that helps Latinx adolescents and adults break generational trauma and address cultural factors that prevent individuals from receiving appropriate mental health care.

Gonzalez Counseling Connection provides virtual therapy to adolescents and adults living in the state of Texas.

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Mental Health Care You Deserve

Therapy is Not Easy

Therapy will require you to be insightful, challenged and willing to face some of the most difficult experiences in your life.

Therapy is not easy and I will do my best as your therapist to work through these challenges at a pace you are comfortable with.

We Work Together

Taking the first step can be scary. In my experience, I have found it’s best to meet people where they’re at and what they’re comfortable with.

I will be there alongside you to face these difficulties and find the strength to improve your mental health.


My specialties and how therapy can help you:

~ Anxiety - learn how to cope with excessive worry, nervousness or stress

~Depression - provide support and promote healing of hopelessness, low motivation, energy, sadness and loss of interest

~ Relationships - understand your wants and needs, explore patterns of attachment, and develop healthy boundaries

~ Trauma - understand how difficult events in your life impact your daily functioning

~ Domestic / Intimate Partner Violence -  develop safety plans, establish healthy boundaries and understand the cycle of violence

~ Communication issues - develop healthy communication skills to address conflict and stress

~ Grief and loss - learn about the grieving process and develop healthy coping skills

Approach to Therapy

Debbie uses a cultural approach to address anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and grief. As a Latinx therapist, Debbie understands the barriers to receiving mental health treatment due to cultural and familial factors and will help her clients break generational trauma to achieve emotional and mental stability.

Debbie's cultural perspective in therapy allows her to be warm and empathetic with her clients when it comes to cultural barriers.

Debbie will treat everyone with respect, sensitivity and compassion throughout their counseling journey and will work with her clients to create a treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs.

My clinical approach combines:

~ Psychotherapy

~ Strength-based

~ Solution-focused

~Client centered

~ Trauma focused


Beginning my professional career working at the rape crisis center and working with survivors of sexual violence, I knew that I wanted to become a therapist. I learned that traumatic events do not have to define your life and finding ways to heal and overcome them is possible. I have since worked with children, teens and adults who have experienced some type of trauma and use this experience to provide the best therapy possible.

My counseling style is warm, empathetic and interactive. I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion during their counseling journey. My clinical approach combines strength-based, solution-focused and client centered therapy. We will work together to create a treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs.


Debbie Gonzalez, LPC
Founder, Gonzalez Counseling Connection

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